Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Supplementing My Care With Utila

I recently had arthroscopic surgery on my left hip.  Aside from one thing, the care that I got from Kaiser has been excellent.  Where Kaiser, and other providers fall short is engagement.  To their credit, my doctor, physical therapist, and surgeon gave me great instructions when I walked out the door.  This medication daily, this other one as needed, physical therapy exercises three times per day, this precaution, that precaution.  A week out from surgery I noticed a couple things.  First of all, my PT and surgeon haven't been able to meaningfully track my progress.  They didn't know for instance that for a couple days I wasn't completing my PT exercises 3 times per day like I was supposed to.  They also didn't know that when I started using Utila, my treatment adherence actually increased thanks to the text message reminders that I scheduled for myself.  A growing body of research has shown that text messages are the best way of nudging patients.  See my progress below!

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